The Successful Diligence™ Podcast Episode 461: Breaking Out of The Mind Prison with Luke Harlan


Luke Harlan is a well sought-after Transformational Mindset Coach and Speaker freeing people from the common myths, misconceptions, and limiting beliefs holding them back from becoming the best versions of themselves to thrive in every area of life. His powerful coaching and engaging speaking platform, Mindset Freedom, empowers you to make the necessary shifts in your thinking to operate from a framework of self-awareness, accountability, belief and aligned vision to achieve your goals with absolute clarity of purpose and direction. Luke absolutely believes in the untapped potential and greatness that resides in all of us. He is obsessed with helping those ready for more to embrace and unleash their true potential. He blends his creativity, humor and real world experience with absolute candor and compassion to awaken, inspire and empower his audience. When not serving others as a coach, speaker, and thought leader, Luke enjoys time with his teenage sons, being involved with his community as well as keeping fit with weight training, running and outdoor activities.

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