The Successful Diligence™ Podcast Episode 429: Finding Purpose and Meaning in the Unplanned with Emily Grabatin


I had the pleasure of chatting with Emily Grabatin who is a purpose coach. She infuses hope into God-sized dreams of mission-hearted authors, entrepreneurs and leaders. With her grace-filled, conversational approach in coaching, writing and leadership development, she helps individuals recognize who they are, uncover what makes them feel alive, and streamline their focus so they can flourish. Through seasons of restlessness, burnout and pain, even while working in her dream job in ministry, the greatest gifts Emily has received have been from individuals who saw potential in her before she saw it in herself. It brings her great joy to offer that gift to others. Emily is also the Author of “Dare to Decide” available on Amazon.

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  1. Paul A Silva says:

    Very good show. Lifting people up to pursue their dreams is so fulfilling. I’m following my calling in that direction ful-time now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for listening, so glad you enjoyed the episode!


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